Our Pricing

Sod Grass offers sod in two forms, on pallets which is the most common way of purchasing sod, or by the roll. “Big Rolls” are only preferred on jobs that require 20 pallets or more. For roll pricing or additional information feel free to contact us at any time at:

Contact Numbers:

(910) 324-3451 Office
(910) 389-3296 Betty
(910) 389-3176 Buddy

Cost For Centipede:
    • Pallet $85 – covers 50 square yards (450 square feet)
    • Half pallet $45 – covers 25 square yards ( 225 square feet)
    • By the piece $1 each piece – 16 inches by 24 inches

We accept all major credit cards.  Please note that we are closed on Sundays.

Please give one day notice, since our sod is cut “fresh” off the farm. We do not pre-cut orders in advance as some of our competitors do. In the heat of the summer, sod must be installed once it is cut.  If the sod lays on the pallet for more than one day, it will dry out quickly.
Free estimates and installation available.

**Note a whole pallet requires a full size truck to haul it.**