How to Prepare for Your New Sod!

Before laying centipede sod there is some work that needs to be addressed:

Site work
Site work should be done in advance before the delivery of your sod. The yard should be tilled and leveled with no weeds present in the area to be covered. Watering sod is a must in peak of summer (June thru August). Make sure water is accessible. *Note watering of sod should not be done during the middle of the day.

The customer should know roughly how much sod is needed by calculating area using this example. It is always better to order a little extra than not enough.

How to measure:
Multiply length (in feet) by width (in feet), then divide by 9 to give you the amount needed in square yards.

An example:
Your measurements are 65 x 28, which equals 1820. Divide by 9 and your square yardage is approximately 202.
Each pallet contains 50 square yards. Divide 202 by 50 and you will need a little over 4 pallets.

** Note this calculation example is for “square yards” please calculate accordingly for irregular shaped yards.**